“37th Lake Towada Four Seasons Photo Contest” prize-winning works will be exhibited

“37th Lake Towada Four Seasons Photo Contest” prize-winning works will be exhibited

Judging was conducted for the “37th Lake Towada Four Seasons Photo Contest” with the theme of “nature and tourism representing the four seasons around Lake Towada,” and the winning works were decided.

This contest hosted by the Towada Oirase Tourism Organization (TOWADA TRAVEL) invited works taken in the designated area around Lake Towada from 2023/11 to 2024/1/5 from 2023/11 to 2024/1/5, and 52 people from all over the prefecture submitted 240 works. As a result of judging by photographers Mitsuhiro Wada and Hitomi Komatsu, 17 items were awarded.

The prize-winning works will be exhibited at the Towada Visitor Center on 2/17 (Sat), and at the Towadako Tourism Exchange Center “Plat” from April.

Please be sure to stop by when you are in the area.

◆ Prize-winning works exhibition

<Exhibition Hall 1 Towada Visitor Center
Period: 2024/2/17 (Sat) to 3/24 (Sun)
Address: 486 Towadakohan Yasumiya, Okuse, Towada-shi, 018-5501
Closed every Wednesday
Opening hours: 9:00 to 16:30

<Exhibition Hall 2 Towada Lake Tourism Exchange Center “Plat”
Period: 2024/4/1 (Mon) to 5/5 (Sun)
Address: 486 Towadakohan Yasumiya, Okuse, Towada-shi, 018-5501
Closed days: none
Opening hours: 9:00 to 17:00

◆Examination Results ※Honorific title omitted
Minister of the Environment Award: Lake Towada with a sea of stars and clouds/Fukui Haruhisa

Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award: Early Winter Oirase/Kashiwakura Kei
Aomori Governor's Award: Water, Light, and Green Shower/Miura Yuzuru
Akita Governor's Award: Harusai no Lake/Yamamoto Toshio
Towada Mayor's Award: A Moment of Spectacular View/Tomoko Misaki
Kosaka Mayor's Award: Murasaki Yashio on the Lake/Misao Matsubayashi
Jury Award: Forest Mark/ Sakanishi Takahito Snow Mon/ Matsuhashi Yoji

Selected: Oirase no Haru/Kaneda Hideaki
   Twinkle on the lake/Saito Shoji

   Morning of Lights/Maeda Toshihiko
   Lake Towada Splash Ice/Sato Koichi
   Blue ice in the sky/ Toshihiko Nakanowatari

Honorable Mention: Magic Hour/ Yamaoka Aya
   Running through a sea of trees/Yoichi Habanuma
   Double Dragon Awakening/Sasaki Masakura
   Hakkoda Shundo/Ito Toshiki

● Organizer:Towada Oirase Tourism Organization (TOWADA TRAVEL)


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