[Application closed] 37th Lake Towada Four Seasons Photo Contest

The 37th Lake Towada Four Seasons Photo Contest starts accepting applications

In addition to “Lake Towada,” “Oirase Gorge,” and “Mount Hakkoda,” which are scenic spots representing Towada-Hachimantai National Park, we are looking for photographs that express the nature and tourist appeal of the area constituting Lake Towada, such as the “Jukai Line.”

This is the 37th contest this year, and the prize-winning works will be exhibited at 2 venues in Lake Towada. We will also use it on Towada City's tourist information sites and SNS as photographs that promote the appeal of the region.

◆ Themes

 Nature and tourism representing the four seasons around Lake Towada

◆ How to apply

 A4 color print. Please download the application form at the bottom of the screen, fill in the required items, and attach it to the back of the work.

 *If you are unable to download it, please contact us using the contact information below and we will mail it to you.

◆ Application Deadline

 Must arrive on Reiwa 6/1/5 (Friday)

◆ Eligibility

 Whether professional or amateur. The maximum number of entries is 10 points per person.

◆ Artwork regulations

 It was taken after Reiwa 5/1 and has not been announced. (Regardless of whether it is a silver halide camera or digital camera) The presence or absence of color tone correction does not matter. However, please refrain from synthesizing free materials. The photo must be taken within the Towada-Hakkoda district of Towada-Hachimantai National Park or in a mountainous area (tree sea line, etc.) connected to Lake Towada.

◆ Organized by

 Towada Oirase Tourism Organization

◆ Contact

37th Lake Towada Four Seasons Photo Contest Receptionist

Mail: press@towada.travel


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