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Oirase & Yakeyama

Frozen Oirase Gorge Bus Tour 2023-2024

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Welcome to Oirase Gorge in winter Welcome to Winter Wonder of Oirase Gorge

The “Oirase Gorge” flows for about 14 km from Lake Towada to Mount Yakeyama.
In winter, dynamic ice falls and icicles appear that seem to have stopped time while water is flowing.
Why don't you experience the natural beauty of the harsh winter woven by nature?

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An ice waterfall tour is...

★ Enjoy the nature of the national park! Ice falls and icicles are not man-made. Discover natural natural beauty.

★ Nature guides accompany all courses! A unique nature guide will explain about Oirase Forest in winter. *Excluding access buses

★ Fun at night and day! At night, shrouded in darkness and silence, the world of silver unfolds during the day. You can meet Oirase's various expressions.

Tour routes and highlights

area map

▼ Tour price

3,300 yen to 4,400 yen including tax (per adult)

▼Event Period

Mid-December 2023 to early March 2024 (depending on course)

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▼List of nearby accommodations Hotels and Inns

・Oirase Keiryu Hot Springs Area Oirase Gorge Area

Oirase Forest Hotel ‍

Nonohana Yakesanso ‍

Hoshino Resorts Oirase Keiryu Hotel ‍

Oirase Green Hotel ‍

Hachinohe Civic Recreation Center Senshinso ‍

Oirase Onsen lanterns and maple leaves ‍

Ryokan Yuuusou ‍

Hot Spring Guest House Nambuya ‍

Yakeyama House


・Towada lakeside hot springs area Lake Towada area

Hotel Towadasou

Towadako Seizantei

Towadako Yuzuki

Towada Lakeside Ouraku

▼Frequently Asked Questions

▽About the tour

Q: What kind of clothes should I go in?
A: Please take maximum protection from the cold with a down coat, knitted hat, scarf, gloves, hand warmer, etc.
  Also, feet are slippery, so we recommend boots that don't slip easily.

Q: Do you take a walk in the mountain stream?
A: In various tours, it is basically a disembarkation tour. We don't walk long distances.

Q: Please tell me the difference between the night course and the daytime course.
A: At night, you will get off at 5 carefully selected light up points in the mountain stream for sightseeing.
  We will stop at places other than 5 during the day and at night to guide you through the nature of Oirase in more detail.

Q: Is there a place where I can leave large luggage?
A: You can leave it at the bottom of the tour bus. Please ask the crew.
  There are also coin lockers in the Machinaka Traffic Plaza waiting room (until 22:00) and Oirase Keiryukan.  

Q: Is there a parking lot near each boarding location?
A:from herePlease check it out.

▽Regarding tour applications

Q: What are the payment methods?
A: Only credit card payments are accepted. Please be aware in advance.

Q: I want to change the date.
A: Since the reservation will be rearranged, please cancel it and make a reservation for the new date.

Q: I want to change the number of people.
A: Please contact the host company.

Q: I want to cancel my reservation.
A: Customers can complete their own cancellation procedures before the cancellation fee has been charged. Please see the reservation confirmation email.
  Please contact us for cancellations after the cancellation fee has been charged.

★ Winter recommendations Winter infomation in Towada Oirase ★

There are plenty of events and experiences in Towada Oirase in the winter!


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