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Oirase & Yakeyama

The winter closed route has been specially cleared of snow and opened for a limited time! Snowshoeing Winter Forest Exploration Tour

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Visit Oirase in winter

Oirase Gorge has a strong image of deep greenery and fall foliage, but in recent years, the appeal of winter has attracted attention.

The new “Winter Closed Route” introduced this winter has been specially cleared of snow and opened for a limited time! The “Winter Forest Exploration Tour with Snowshoes” is an activity where you can easily experience Oirase in winter.

Here's an introduction to the tour!

The Oirase Keiryu Museum is the gateway to the Oirase Gorge. The beauty and serenity of snow stand out in winter.

First, you will be shown an overall view of the Oirase Gorge in the museum. You can see how pristine and precious the Oirase Forest is.

Snowshoeing is what is called “kanjiki.” Even in places where there is a lot of snow, you can walk without your feet sinking into the snow.

The guide will carefully teach you how to wear them, so it's safe even for beginners!

Finally, let's go to Oirase Forest!

The trees covered with snow greet you like a tunnel.

Ahead is an unexplored area. This is the first time it has been made into a tour.

We will trek near where the Oirase River and Tsuta River meet. Let's feel the winter forest with all five senses while listening closely to the sound of the river flowing, the flickering trees, and the sound of the wind.

Be sure to check out the scenery that unfolds beyond that with your own eyes.

Take a break with a hot drink after the tour ♪ ※The image is an image. It differs from the actual product offered.

It was about 60 minutes of trekking, but it really was a blink of an eye.

You can experience the beauty of winter with your whole body, and the guide will introduce the forest and trees in an easy-to-understand manner, so it's a tour where you'll learn a lot.

If you haven't visited Oirase Gorge in winter yet, why not try it out?

I'm sure you'll love Oirase even more.

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