While Towada prides itself on being one of Japan’s few cities without a railway station, the city is easily accessible by plane, train, and automobile. See below on information regarding the easiest, fastest ways to get to Towada and take a load off.

From Hachinohe Station

  • Take the Towada Kanko Dentetsu bus from the bus stop near the East Exit of Hachinohe Station. The museum is a five-minute walk from the Kanchogaidori bus stop. (Approximately 1 hour)

  • Take the JR Oirase-go bus from the West Exit of Hachinohe Station to the bus stop directly in front of the Towada Art Center. (Approximately 40 minutes)

From Shichinohe-Towada Station

  • Approximately 45 minutes by car.

  • Take the Towada Kanko Dentetsu bus from the Bus Stop No. 1 outside the South Exit. (Approximately 40 minutes)

  • Approximately 20 minutes by car.


From Tokyo & Morioka

  • Tohoku Expressway → Hachinohe Expressway → Momoishi Toll Road → Get off at the Shimoda Momoishi Interchange (IC) and take Route 45 to Route 102 → Take Route 102 approximately 20km to reach central Towada.

  • *The Towada Interchange (IC) on the Tohoku Expressway is not the closest interchange to central Towada.

From Akita

  • Akita Expressway → Kitakami Junction (JCT) → Merge with the Tohoku Expressway and follow the same directions as those from Tokyo and Morioka.

  • Alternatively, take Route 103 to Lake Towada and turn onto Route 102. Drive through the Oirase Gorge and into central Towada.

  • *Central Towada is approximately 45km from the Yasumiya area on the banks of Lake Towada.

From Aomori

  • Aomori → Michinoku Toll Road → Route 4 → Central Towada

  • *Central Towada is approximately 60km from central Aomori.

  • From late April to late November, you can also take Route 103 or Prefectural Road 40 from Aomori over the Hakkoda Mountains to central Towada.

From Hirosaki

  • Take the Tohoku Expressway to Aomori Higashi Interchange (IC) → Michinoku Toll Road → Route 4 → Central Towada

  • From late April to late November, you can also take Route 102 through Kuroishi and turn onto Route 394. Take Route 394 past Jogakura Bridge and Sukayu Hot Springs and turn onto Route 103. Take Route 103 into central Towada.


From Tokyo

  • Board a Towada Kankou Dentetsu bus at either Tokyo Station or Ikebukuro Station.

  • Get off at either the Towada Fujiya Hotel stop or the Towada Chuo stop.


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