Hakkoda Mountains is the collective name of the sixteen mountains which includes Mount Odake as the main peak. Mount Odake has an altitude of 1585 meters (5200 feet). Hakkoda Mountains has been selected as one of the premier mountains of Japan. The area also has many wetlands such as the Tashiro Plateau Wetland. The Hakkoda ropeway gives visitors a convenient way to reach Mount Tamoyachi (altitude 1323 meters (4343 feet)) and the beautiful panoramic view. At the foot of the mountain is Sukayu onsen, famous for Sennin-buro (bath of a thousand bathers), waiting to soothe traveller’s fatigue after exploration.

In the winter, Hakkoda Mountains fills with skiers and snowboarders. Snow trekking is also popular as many visitors come to see the soft rime ice features called snow monsters.